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Take the headache out of billing and insurance claim submission, and save many hours of valuable professional time each month, with PM/2.  Used for decades by thousands of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals, PM/2 for Windows includes features for billing, insurance claim submission (on paper and electronically), appointment scheduling, managed care tracking, and much more. The system is fully updated to address the latest revisions in ICD10, CPT4, DSM5 and the insurance claim submission standard (5010) PM/2 can run on any PC with Windows 7 or higher (including Macs with Parallels enabled) and is compatible with any printer. Options are provided to adjust the registration of the printed page, so that your insurance forms will always print with all the boxes checked in the correct locations.

The program produces patient statements and insurance claims as well as a wide variety of accounting reports that help you analyze your practice in terms of outstanding accounts, referral sources, insurance carriers, and so forth. Although it is not an e-prescribing or EMR system, PM/2 provides facilities for tracking lab results, prescriptions, and progress notes. An optional Treatment Plan Writer (PM/2 Clinical Planner) is also available.

Your purchase price includes technical support, and there are no recurring fees for continued use.  Your one-time licensed purchase includes online help and expert phone and email tech support as needed.  Updates are free within a year of your original purchase, so you'll never have to pay extra for a feature that is introduced soon after you purchase the system. 
Read the cumulative README.PDF file to learn all about PM/2's history of continuous improvement and adaptation to a changing environment
Click this link: to download the informative README file that provides a wealth of technical detail about the program and its features.
PM/2's user interface

New to Version 4.0 are a completely interactive and customizable Calendar system, revised Patient Data Base and a state-of-the-art Day sheet. All of the features valued by our current users are present in the new release.

Here's a glimpse of the Weekly Calendar (there are Daily and Monthly views too). You can set up templates or schedule recurring visits at any frequency, and you can post visits directly from the calendar. Click-and-drag is enabled too, so you can move an appointment from one time slot to another just by dragging it there. An options window enables you to modifying the starting and ending days of each week's schedule and the starting and ending time's of each day's schedule, as well as color scheme and the height of each row. Best of all, the screen adjusts itself to the dimensions of your monitor, so that nothing is ever outside of your view.

Now here's a look at a portion of the new layout of the Patient Data Base, as it appears on a wide-screen monitor.  PM/2 detects the type of display that is in use, and adjusts its format to make best use of available screen area, without forcing the user to scroll off in search of items that have fallen off the edge of the screen.  All relevant data on a given patient is collected on a series of tabs, and one may browse various tabs on the same patient without going back repeatedly to the patient list and re-selecting the case that is of interest.  Note the reduced number of tabs, which now appear all in a single row.  For your convenience, patient name the fields have been added to the window, enabling direct jumps to the next patient without stopping at a patient selection window.
Patient data base

And here's a sample of the new Day Sheet.  This data entry screen has been improved with the introduction of alternately colored rows for easy reading and automatic dropdowns in every column to speed your data entry.  They Day Sheet automatically queries the user for the presence of CPT4 "add-on" codes when applicable.  And an entirely new browser technology has been deployed, to get rid of errors that used to affect the Day Sheet when a large number of rows of data were entered.  Notice how the Day Sheet now automatically uses hatching to prevent you from entering figures in the wrong columns!
Sample printouts from PM/2

So far, we've been showing you what you see on the screen while using PM/2 -- the input side of the program.  Let's turn our attention now to the output side -- the printed bills, insurance claim forms and summary reports that PM/2 produces.  First, let's take a look at a patient statement, that can be handed to the patient at the time of a visit, or mailed to the patient or responsible party's address at the end of the month.  Notice the itemization by CPT-4 code, the availabilities of CPT-4 add-on codes, and the inclusion of provider Tax ID and NPI numbers and ICD-10 diagnostic codes.  Additional fields are available for printing out the responsible person's name and address, if it is different from the patient's, and for informational boxes describing any special circumstances.  If the bill is past due, overdue notices can be added automatically if desired.  The system can also print out matching envelopes or mailing labels of any style.

Next, let's take a look at a CMS-1500 insurance claim form.  In this sample, we illustrate how PM/2 will properly complete all of the relavent fields of the insurance claim form, as well as the insurance carrier name and address in the upper right hand corner.  PM/2 also properly handles the special rules for populating item 11 in the case of Medicare patients, and will enter "SIGNATURE ON FILE" in boxes 12 and 13 when you check the boxes indicating that this is to be done.  PM/2 can also format the same insurance claim information for electronic submission, and transmit it directly to the insurance carrier or clearing house of your choice.
claim form

As our final sample, we have selected one of the dozens of reports that PM/2 for Windows is able to produce.  This one is an Aged Accounts Receivable report, showing how long each patient's  outstanding balance has remained unpaid.  This report can be prepared from the vantage point of patient balances, insurance balances or total balances.  Other reports are available to break down billings and earnings by a wide variety of criteria including referral source, type of insurance and type of service rendered.  Such reports are valuable tools in assessing the contribution of various factors to the overall health of your practice; without objective information like this, the clinician can be in the unfortunate position of having to rely on impressionistic or anectodal information in making major decisions about the management of one's practice.
A/R report

We hope you've enjoyed this brief tour of the PM/2 for Windows practice management system.  Please download a demo or contact us if you have any questions -- we're here to help!
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