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FLASH: Release 3.7 of PM/2 for Windows, with DSM-5, ICD-10 and the 2014 insurance form changes, is now available for downloading.  It also includes the  2013 CPT4 coding updates introduced with Release 3.6

Click here to read the press release for 3.6.

Recent updates to PM/2 for Windows:

−Release 3.7 added DSM-5, ICD-10 and the 2014 insurance claim form revisions.
−Release 3.6 added the 2013 revisions of the CPT4 coding system.
−Release 3.5 added multilingual capabilities
(French, Spanish, Italian, German and     Swedish in addition to English)
−26 new reports became available in Release 3.43.
−All updates are cumulative
Click here to read the current Readme file with details on all upgrades since release 3.0
PM/2 offers comprehensive Windows-based software packages to handle all of the business and record-keeping needs of the mental-health professional:
  • Patient billing
  • Insurance claim forms (CMS-1500)
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Managed care tracking
  • Treatment planning
  • Case notes
  • Prescription writing and logging
  • Lab result posting
  • Many predesigned financial reports + user designed reports
  • Mailing labels
  • Multiple levels of password security
  • ...and many more features
  • We have over 2,000 clients -- individual practitioners, group practices and billing services -- throughout the USA, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Israel and Africa, many of whom may be contacted directly as references.  
    PM/2 has been in wide use since 1988 (see corporate history), and we offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on everything we sell.
    And check out PM/2 Clinical Planner:

    Clinical Planner is an automated treatment-plan writing tool, which builds a narrative OTR document from a series of simple, DSM-4 based checkoffs.  It produces clean, professional reports (both original and update) with a minimum of time and effort!

    Contact information (please note new telephone and US mail addresses)
    • e-mail:
    • telephone:  (201) 970-5214
    • US mail:  
    •     c/o Richard D. Kaplan, MD
          163 Engle Street, Bldg 2, 3rd floor
          Englewood, NJ  07631