“Inspiration for your adventures” is the title of Adria Mobil’s brand movie that has been awarded the ‘First Star – Golden Award’ in the ‘Caravanning’ category of the Golden City Gate Awards, the major international film, print and multimedia competition dedicated to the tourism industry. The 2023 edition of the competition saw the participation of 21 countries with over 100 communication projects nominated and evaluated according to the criteria of concept, creativity, design, emotional impact, target group appeal and image design.

The video, realised by PM2 (lead agency of Adria Mobil since 2017) tells the story of the essence of the Slovenian brand producer of high-end recreational vehicles and, through glimpses of landscapes and moments of travel on board caravans, vans and motorhomes, conveys to the viewer the desire to set off on new adventures.

“We would like to thank our Agency (PM2) for their creativity, which brought up all the emotions in the video and their production efforts that made our brand moves as good as it is – we really are proud of it” says Adria Mobil’s marketing team.

“Behind every project there is always a great deal of work to ensure that the project runs smoothly and the result is achieved. This is the role PM2 plays, taking care of both the strategic-creative definition part and the organization and management of the production. We take care of every single phase to the smallest detail, in order to create quality content that enhances Adria’s brand and products,” comments Chiara Bergianti, project manager for the client Adria Mobil.

“Travelling with Adria Mobil is a unique experience. We started from this insight, expressed by those who choose the brand’s vehicles as travelling companions, to make this video where, through a dynamic succession of lifestyle scenes, we wanted to stimulate the viewers’ imagination, inspiring them to live their future adventures on Adria Mobil vehicles,” comments Alberto di Donna, creative director of PM2.