Made to feed your soul“: this is Doimo Cucine‘s new claim, conceived by integrated communications agency PM2 as part of a project defining the brand’s new positioning and strategy which PM2 has been developing with the company since January this year. 

Presented at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan, the new strategic-creative concept of Doimo Cucine shifts the focus from the product to the project. The kitchen thus becomes a meeting point between the company, with its skills and values, and the needs of those who choose it, with their own experience and personality.  

The storytelling, stylistic choices and new visuals created by PM2 also go in this direction. “The kitchen not only nourishes the body,” says PM2 Creative Director Alberto Di Donna, “it is a place for sharing desires, dreams and passions, cultivating a love of beauty and harmony, expressing one’s true essence. A personal space full of meaning, based on authentic deep-seated values, in which the soul feels at home”. 

In the company’s new vision, the kitchen is not just a functional space for preparing and enjoying food, but a place to nourish the soul. “Made to feed your soul“, thanks to the emotions, experiences and affection connected with everyday life. 

The new strategic-creative concept sets the guidelines for corporate communications, starting with an adv campaign planned in the Italian and international press, a new digital image taking the form of a restyling of the company’s website, social media channels and digital adv campaigns

PM2 also oversaw production of the photo and video shootings and the subsequent creation of the company profile and brand video. 

In conclusion, the video created by the agency for the launch of the new Overview product concept, a “digital kitchen” project presented by Doimo at the last Salone del Mobile in a private area in its booth, was particularly successful, registering over 50,000 visits during the event.

“We are very proud of this new partnership, which began when we won a tender called by Doimo Cucine at the beginning of the year. A wide-ranging strategic and integrated communication project, which immediately involved us with a highly structured, experienced team, offering an opportunity to bring our qualities to bear in the fields of strategy, creative design and digital technologies: an approach in which we believe, and which has always represented the agency’s DNA”, says Filippo Girardi, PM2 Client Director

620 Passi, the Friuli-based start-up known for founding Italy’s first shared brewery, entrusted Udine-based agency PM2 with management of all its communications initiatives for 2022-2023.

The confirmation of the assignment sealed a partnership that began back in 2021 when 620 Passi called a tender and selected PM2 to validate and define the brewery’s brand positioning and support the launch of a Christmas communication campaign. Alongside these strategic consulting services, Giacomo Miranda’s agency will continue to manage a considerable range of services on behalf of the client, including PR activities, press office, influencer marketing, digital marketing, social media management, marketing automation, and BTL communication for the on-trade and large-scale distribution channels.

“We are proud to be able to provide our services to a local enterprise that is truly unique at the national level and has already demonstrated enormous potential for communication. Thanks to the highly qualified background of its management and the valuable harmony instantly established with the agency team, 620 Passi is the perfect interlocutor for developing integrated communication projects rooted in a solid strategic approach,” says Miranda, CEO of PM2.

The renewal of the partnership with PM2 marks an important turning point for 620 Passi, which is now working on an ambitious development plan that aims to close the year 2022 with +400% turnover, effectively completing the transition from start-up to scale-up by the end of the year.

“Never change a winning team”, comments Andrea Menegon, formerly working at Heineken and now General Manager of 620 Passi. “PM2 is the ideal partner for us, not only because of the quality of its approach to consultancy and work but also for its proven professionalism and multi-sector expertise developed working with international companies over the years.

The campaign with Ruggero de i Timidi

The projects completed by PM2 for 620 Passi include a recent campaign featuring Ruggero de i Timidi, in which the brewery is the focus of the first episode of “Product Placement“, Ruggero’s new web series focusing on the world of influencer marketing. A succession of hilarious scenes filmed at the brewery’s headquarters and inside “Ai Barnabiti” restaurant in Udine (an on-trade partner), which kept 1.5 million users glued to the screen (figures on unique users in the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions), registering 3.6 million impressions and 2.7 million playbacks. Distributed on Ruggero de I Timidi’s and the brewery’s social media channels and supported through a paid advertising and press office campaign, the video obtained an extremely positive response, not only in terms of views, but also in terms of reactions and interest in the brand (over 3,500 interactions).

“We wanted to tell the story of the brewery in a fun and friendly way, with lightness and self-deprecation. And who could do this better than Ruggero de I Timidi?”, explains Menegon. “Being a craft brewery means being independent, not only financially and production-wise, but also in terms of communications. And this project is the ultimate expression of that”. Full video available at this link. “

PM2, an agency specialising in strategic marketing communications, continues its collaboration with eyewear company Area98 with the creation of the new 2022 image of its 7 proprietary brands (CocoSong, CCS, La Matta, Kaos, Super Kaos, Genesis and Oliviero Contini), fully respecting the identity of each brand and the traits that have always distinguished Area98: flair and innovation.

“Each of the Area98 brands has its own identity and its own strong character, different from all the others,” says Cristiana Feruglio, Account executive at PM2. “Our challenge was to succeed in interpreting the deepest essence of each of them, communicating their soul and values, not only in the campaigns, but also in the way the products were photographed. The campaign and photographic style then established the creative guidelines for all the communication tools”.

PM2’s creative team thus began with development of the concept and creativity, interpreting each brand’s DNA. Key visuals were then expressed in all communication media, ensuring that they are perfect coherent with the campaigns and preserve their creative/graphic traits.

The spirit and style of the image of each brand can also be found in the folders designed specifically for each collection, in the shopping bags designed to contain all the coordinated promotional materials, and in the displays, for which PM2 designed not only the graphics, but also the structure and choice of materials.

To best portray each single brand’s identity, PM2 also handled the artistic direction of the shootings: a moodboard was created for each brand containing brand-specific creative guidelines, from the atmosphere required on the set to the types of shot.

To support the sales force, PM2 also created a digital sales tool, an interactive online tool and an invaluable ally in helping the trade to express brand and product values. The digital sales tool opens with a corporate section highlighting the values and specific features distinguishing Area98, including both an emotional video presenting the company and a series of video interviews with the testimonials of distributors operating all over the world. “
“This is accompanied by the section containing the pages dedicated to each individual brand, with the presentation of the spirit that distinguishes it, also in creative terms, its choice of colour and style, its stylistic peculiarities, its communication and visual merchandising materials, and all the styles in the 2022 collection, with their colour variants and technical features.

“We are proud to offer Area98 our more than 30 years of experience not only in creativity, but also in marketing consultancy,” says Giacomo Miranda, CEO of PM2. “Interpreting the uniqueness of each of Area98’s brands in the campaign and succeeding in expressing their DNA in all the communication tools was certainly a complex task, but also an extremely rewarding one. A great result for a collaboration between two enterprises sharing the same origins and the same international vocation”.

From Pubblimarket2 to PM2: after 36 years in business, the historic Udine-based strategic marketing communications agency has completed its path of transformation and evolution and given itself a new brand name, a new communication concept, a new digital unit, a new corporate structure and new business perspectives.

“In a constantly changing world, evolution is necessary,” states Giacomo Miranda, CEO of PM2. “In recent years the agency has changed a lot, grown, faced new challenges and approached new services. We therefore felt the need for a path of validation of our positioning and rebranding, with a new logo and a concept capable of fully representing our essence. Our goal”, continues Miranda, “is to become more and more attractive on the market, through strategic choices reinterpreting the agency’s storytelling and positioning”.

This is the story behind PM2 – IT TAKES TWO, in which the number 2 is the key, representing PM2’s most intimate belief: it takes two to achieve the best things. The relationship with the customer is at the centre of the agency’s brand manifesto and highlights that value for which it truly stands out: the ability to build long-term relationships and original and distinctive experiences precisely because they are born from two different points of view which, together, give rise to new perspectives.

This synergic relationship has proven successful, starting with the sports sector, where PM2 boasts partnerships with companies such as The North Face, Fjällräven, Elan, Aku, CMP and Odlo. But also important institutional players such as Regionmarketing Carinthia, big names in furniture such as Calligaris, Doimo Cucine, TEAM 7, and international brands such as Adria Mobil, one of the largest manufacturers of caravans, vans and mobile homes in Europe, have also chosen PM2. And then there’s PM2’s involvement in communication projects for successful start-ups, such as Birrificio 620 Passi and GASGAS, operating in the field of electric car charging stations.

“Our entrepreneurial project,” adds Miranda, “is consolidated in an era in which any place can be a reference point, because what makes the difference is the quality of the service offered and the relationship that is built with the customer. We are proud of our international experience and our independent DNA. We are rooted in a unique place straddling an international border, from which we have inherited the cross-border culture that distinguishes us and gives us added value”.

“The end of 2021 marked the conclusion of a generational transition that began in 2017, when Giacomo Miranda took over control of the agency from its founder Francesco Sacco. Today, together with Miranda, the future of the company is represented by a renewed corporate structure, composed entirely of in-house agency employees.

In addition, PM2 has been enriched with a new unit exclusively dedicated to digital strategies and services, PM2 DIGITAL, which joins the historical Blu Wom division, specialising in Public Relations and Press Office services, now renamed PM2 PR. A strategic choice aimed at better organising the skills within the team and creating a more precise and complete positioning, putting the right emphasis on its increasingly wide and highly specialised range of services.

“We are lucky to represent a top-level brand on the national communication scene,” Miranda concludes, “a healthy company, of recognised value, with an international vocation. Our commitment is to respect its approach by pushing, with renewed enthusiasm and new strategies, the development of PM2 to make it a landmark for the sector, not only in Udine and the Triveneto, but across borders”.

Regionmarketing Carinthia, a Carinthian public authority, has entrusted PM2 with the development of a four-year communication project aimed at promoting Carinthia as a region in which to invest in business development. The target group identified includes companies and start-ups from northern Italy, which can find favourable conditions in Carinthia in which to develop areas of their business or launch their own business idea from scratch.

It is an all-round project that will start with careful strategic planning of activities, exploiting the most suitable media and formats to convey the advantages of doing business in a region where the figures speak for themselves: in Carinthia it takes only two weeks to set up your own company, contributions for R&D investments reach up to 50%, the maximum taxation rate is only 25%… all this surrounded by excellence in research.

The decision to rely on PM2 stemmed from the desire to find a partner familiar with the Alpe Adria area but with an international vocation, something the Udine-based agency has accumulated over the years thanks to important partnerships such as those with The North Face, Adria Mobil, Elan Ski and many other brands.

“Our journey alongside Carinthia has only just begun, but we are already excited about this assignment, which gives us the opportunity to offer our know-how to such an important client. We will work in synergy with Uppercut, the Austrian agency leading the project, and with the partners dealing with communications in Germany and Slovenia, sharing strategies and objectives to be conveyed through seasonal campaigns,” says Giacomo Miranda, CEO of PM2.

The result of the first phase in the partnership is an integrated online and offline communication strategy promoting the opportunity to live and work in “a land of happy entrepreneurs” – this is the message chosen for the autumn campaign by PM2, which focuses on the faces and stories of entrepreneurs who have chosen to live and do business in Carinthia. “
“The campaign content will be conveyed through some of the most influential business publications, on the main social platforms, on Google and through participation in live events targeting the business world. The content strategy aims to achieve the twin goals of promoting awareness of Carinthia as a business location and increasing points of contact with the target group. For this reason, PM2 has also redesigned the landing page for the Italian market, the client’s first information hub, overseeing all its developments. The main topics include the technology sector, the bio-economy, the tourism industry, research and innovation.

All press office, public relations and media advertising activities are handled directly by PM2 through its specialised division PM2 PR.

Andreas Duller of Regionmarketing Carinthia comments: “We are happy to cooperate with PM2, a partner to whom we chose to entrust promotional activities in the Italian market due to its know-how in the sector. The deciding factors were its international experience and the possibility of providing us with comprehensive support for integrated communications, which will run on traditional and digital channels”.

Santa Claus is desperately trying to regroup, otherwise delivering all the presents would prove to be an impossible feat.

PM2 will be off helping HIM
from December 24th to January 8th, 2023.