“Daily Rituals” at the Salone del Mobile 2024

Doimo Cucine and PM2 together again to define an integrated communication project for Salone del Mobile 2024


The collaboration between PM2 and Doimo Cucine began with defining a distinctive brand positioning, encapsulated in the claim “Made to Feed Your Soul.” This claim aims to present the brand’s philosophy and vision: Doimo Cucine is not simply about functional spaces but about creating projects designed to nourish the souls of those who create and live in them.

Since 2022, we have worked diligently to establish a strong identity for Doimo Cucine, targeting both B2B and B2C audiences and helping to build a recognizable brand image across various channels. We have developed a targeted social media strategy for the Italian and Spanish markets, creating a digital showcase that expresses the identity of Doimo Kitchens and establishes meaningful relationships with consumers through inspirational stories of authentic beauty.

For the brand’s participation in the Salone del Mobile 2024, we expanded the concept of “Made to Feed Your Soul” into the integrated communication project “Daily Rituals,” aimed at presenting the brand in an engaging manner and strengthening the emotional connection with the audience.

The project draws inspiration from the beauty and intimacy of daily rituals experienced in one’s kitchen, with tea as the symbolic focal point. Tea beautifully embodies the essence of Doimo Cucine: just as a tea blend is crafted from various elements that can be combined in endless variations according to personal taste, Doimo Cucine systems are modular and customizable, allowing customers to assemble elements according to their preferences, free from predefined patterns.

The new concept of “Daily Rituals” led to the creation of a branded video, which was presented at the Salone del Mobile and shared on social media channels. The video depicts the process of tea preparation through the narratives of three different individuals in three distinct kitchen spaces, transforming these rooms into settings for unique and personal rituals.

For the Salone del Mobile 2024, in addition to crafting communication materials to support the event and designing the booth, we orchestrated an exclusive collaboration and event that epitomized the essence of “Daily Rituals.”

Internationally renowned tea sommelier Gabriella Lombardi guided guests through the philosophy of Doimo Cucine, offering a custom-blended tea created specifically for the occasion: the Doimo “Soulmate” tea. This event, also replicated at a venue during Fuorisalone, provided journalists, architects, retailers, and consumers with a distinctive experience, allowing them to delve deeper into the essence and values of the brand.

“The success of ‘Daily Rituals’ at Salone del Mobile underscores the effectiveness of consistent and meticulously crafted storytelling in forging a profound and genuine connection with the audience. Collaborating with Doimo Cucine on this project was an extraordinary journey, further affirming our expertise in integrated brand communication within the design industry.”

Filippo Girardi, Client Director.


Melby partners with PM2 for the creation of an Influencer Marketing Campaign for the launch of the new collection


Partnering with an Italian children’s clothing brand it’s the challenge that PM2 has taken on with Melby, a well-established company dedicated to transforming childhood into a stylish, comfortable, and joyful experience.

The rebranding of Melby marked a turning point, enabling the agency to structure a new communication plan and reposition the brand in the market with a completely fresh and competitive identity.

From press office activities and PR to digital marketing strategy, PM2 has worked on multiple fronts to strengthen brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. Supporting Melby’s digital presence, PM2 oversees editorial strategy and content production for Melby’s social channels – Facebook and Instagram – including targeted digital advertising activities.

Content is crafted with care and attention, highlighting the brand’s core values such as the unique and versatile style of collections and a strong attention to the children’s world. This approach aims to intensify community engagement and Melby’s online reputation, positioning it as a go-to brand for families.

For the launch of the A/W 23 collection, PM2 conceived and managed a strategic influencer marketing campaign with the goal of generating awareness and interest in the new collection while simultaneously consolidating Melby’s presence on social channels.

The agency carefully selected a dozen family-focused influencers with audiences ranging from 40 to 90 thousand followers: PM2’s commitment was to identify content creators who embodied the brand’s core values and aligned with Melby’s communication style. This was essential to ensure that the message conveyed reached the audience authentically and originally, generating engagement and contributing to tangible results.

Each influencer received a gift pack containing various pieces from the collection and a discount code to share with their community, thus incentivizing the audience to make purchases. PM2’s work didn’t stop at scouting: supervision of production timelines and content quality was crucial to ensuring the project’s success. The created content, including stories and posts, successfully showcased the product by integrating it into children’s daily lives, highlighting comfort and quality.

With 1.6+ million impressions, 1.4+ million reached accounts and 30+ thousand interactions, the campaign numbers speak for themselves. The final result was an engaging promotional storytelling that provided Melby with immediate visibility, amplifying its message even through “no brand” channels.

“Leading this campaign was not only stimulating but also rewarding, as we were able to shape Melby’s narrative through an effective influencer marketing strategy. We are proud to have consolidated our agency’s expertise in an area increasingly demanded by clients, demonstrating our constant commitment to providing innovative and results-oriented communication solutions.” Alessandro Alberto Martini, PR Account Manager


PM2 chose the Insights Discovery method to enhance corporate empowerment.


PM2. It Takes Two.

The Pay Off is clear.

Combined efforts lead to the highest summits.

This is the agency’s mantra: each team member is a unique element, with distinctive qualities to offer. Understanding these differences enables working together in a more cohesive and effective way, creating additional value for the team and clients. It is precisely this that pushes PM2 team to embark on a journey towards self-awareness and understanding one another, undergoing the educational experience of Insights Discovery.

Based on the principles of Carl Gustav Jung’s psychological types, Insights Discovery is a tool used for improving interpersonal dynamics within the work team.

The methodology applied relies on a simple and intuitive model based on “color energies”: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue. Their mix influences people’s behavior and the motivations behind their actions.

The PM2 team participated in an important multi-day educational project, during which they engaged in theoretical and practical activities focused on enhancing communication skills by using an universal vocabulary: the language of colors.

This allowed identifying and valuing the characteristics and roles of each individual, developing interaction strategies that facilitate a more direct and profound understanding of team dynamics.

This experience was not just an individual journey but a collective challenge that took PM2 out of its comfort zone and allowed everyone to:

• explore their skills (even the most hidden ones) on a professional and personal level

• value strengths but above all work on weaknesses as a mutually supportive team

• learn to communicate without giving negative connotations to comparison

• analyze the needs and motivations that drive people to achieve their goals

• understand the working methods and approaches that characterize each individual’s modus operandi

All this has allowed to consolidate a more cohesive work environment. Thanks to Insight Discovery, PM2 has learned to blend with the colors of each person involved in the creation and evolution of the company.

“We share much of our daily lives working side by side, often managing complex projects. The activity carried out with Insights Discovery was a real gift that the agency offers itself: it allowed us to get a deeper understanding of ourselves, both as individuals and as a team, opening the way to personal and collective growth that will surely also contribute to PM2’s growth. Now we are ready to turn this awareness into concrete actions to further improve the quality of our work and achieve new milestones.”

Giacomo Miranda, CEO


2R Impianti partners with PM2 for the event “NEONIS: Unlock Your Future” – both communication and organization.


PM2 played a key role in the success of the first edition of ‘NEONIS: Unlock Your Future,’ held at the Teatro Verdi in Pordenone on February 2, 2024. 

Conceived by Ruggero Tajariol of 2R Impianti, this visionary event connected students with key industry players in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 

And there was more. 

After initial student-company interactions, the event spotlighted four guest speakers for an inspiring session: Gigi Datome, a basketball champion; Luis Sal, a video maker and creator; Gianluca Gazzoli, a radio host and podcaster; and Alessandro Bonan, a sports journalist. 

From inception to the enchanting day at Teatro Verdi, our team tirelessly transformed the NEONIS vision into reality, combining creativity and strategy to ensure maximum public participation and supporting the customer throughout the event. 

The first steps: logo, claim and website 

It all began with the development of a distinctive logo, a tangible symbol capturing the essence of NEONIS. The claim ‘Unlock Your Future’ has evolved into the manifesto of this extraordinary experience, perfectly encapsulating the aspiration to guide and inspire young people toward a bright future. The collaboration extended to the creation of the website, a platform dedicated to registrations and information. 

Four special guests 

The most exciting moment of the NEONIS event was the talk with Luigi Datome, Luis Sal, and Gianluca Gazzoli—three leading figures who shared their success stories to inspire and motivate students to pursue their passions with commitment and dedication. Alessandro Bonan had the role of coordinating the interventions and delivering a final message to the audience. 

In addition to recruiting the four exceptional guests, PM2 orchestrated their participation throughout all phases of the event, defining content and methods of intervention. 

Creative material on and offline 

To promote the event, PM2 has meticulously designed different communication materials, from media advertising to posters, creating a synergy between message and aesthetics. The aim was to present this first edition of the event both online and offline, creating a recognizable visual identity.  

To promote the event, PM2 meticulously designed various communication materials, from media advertising to posters, creating a synergy between message and aesthetics. The goal was to present this inaugural edition of the event both online and offline, establishing a recognizable visual identity. 

Media Planning and PR: an engaging narrative 

Media planning has been designed to ensure coverage in major regional newspapers, while press office activities have shaped the narrative of the event, positioning it as an unmissable happening in the regional panorama. The team also organized the press conference, conducted media interviews with special guests, and managed post-event communications. 

Social Media Marketing 

The social editorial plan was crafted to engage the young audience on Instagram, the chosen social channel for promoting the event. PM2 took charge of opening the profile and developing an editorial strategy that generated tangible anticipation for the event. Digital advertising activities supported the content strategy and contributed to building an enthusiastic community. 

Influencer Marketing 

To complement the social strategy, PM2 proposed implementing content creation activities to deliver more diverse content and foster connections with the target audience. To achieve this goal, the team identified and collaborated with creators Elisa Altamura and Mathias Loi, conducting video interviews with students to delve into their passions and envision their futures. 

The Event Direction 

The highlight of PM2’s work was coordinating the event’s direction: music and animations ensured that every moment on stage reflected the soul of NEONIS, while the supervision ‘behind the scenes’ ensured the event’s success. 

The Result: An Unforgettable Success 

With a record turnout of over 780 people, positive feedback, and a vibrant atmosphere, NEONIS confirmed its success. The event was an unforgettable triumph, a moment in which passion, motivation, and career guidance converged to illuminate the future of young students. 

“We are thrilled to have successfully led NEONIS and to have been an integral part of such an important and memorable event. The synergy between strategy and creativity allowed the success of the first edition of NEONIS, solidifying our position as a reliable partner in the world of communication and event organization.” Alessia Toppan, PR Account Manager 


Goriziane Holding chooses PM2 for the communication of the company’s 75th anniversary.


Let’s rewind the tape, go back in time to 1948, and embark on a journey spanning 75 years in just a few minutes. Goriziane Holding, a global leader in engineering solutions for various market sectors, including Oil & Gas, Naval, Offshore Wind, Industrial, and Electric Mobility, has chosen PM2 as a project partner.

The collaboration with the agency began in 2021 to support the company’s reputation and presence in the market, with the creation of institutional and product brochures and advertising campaigns featured in leading industry magazines.

2023 was a special year for Goriziane, proudly celebrating its 75th anniversary. To mark this significant milestone, PM2 not only restyled the company’s logo and gave it a special “outfit” for the occasion but also conceived and created a brand video: an original narrative that tells the story and values that have defined the company’s identity over the decades, conveying the essence of Goriziane in just a few minutes.

“What does it mean to turn 75?” was the starting point that allowed the agency to revisit the key moments in the company’s history, from its founding to the present day. Through engaging storytelling and visually captivating elements, the video showcases Goriziane‘s achievements, values, expertise, challenges surmounted, and the extraordinary individuals who have contributed to the company’s success.

“What we have learned not only defines who we are today but also shapes who we aspire to be tomorrow”, the final statement at the end of the video once again emphasizes Goriziane‘s innovative approach, reflected not only in the products and services offered but also in the ability to celebrate the past while looking proudly towards the future.

“A balanced mix of engaging visuals and creative vision made it possible to create a project that fully reflects the excellence of a globally renowned player. The result? A corporate video that goes beyond a simple company overview but tangibly conveys the history, innovation, and values of a company that continues to look forward to tomorrow” comment Alberto di Donna, Creative Director.