PM2 as new partner of Regionmarketing Carinthia

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Regionmarketing Carinthia, a Carinthian public authority, has entrusted PM2 with the development of a four-year communication project aimed at promoting Carinthia as a region in which to invest in business development. The target group identified includes companies and start-ups from northern Italy, which can find favourable conditions in Carinthia in which to develop areas of their business or launch their own business idea from scratch.

It is an all-round project that will start with careful strategic planning of activities, exploiting the most suitable media and formats to convey the advantages of doing business in a region where the figures speak for themselves: in Carinthia it takes only two weeks to set up your own company, contributions for R&D investments reach up to 50%, the maximum taxation rate is only 25%… all this surrounded by excellence in research.

The decision to rely on PM2 stemmed from the desire to find a partner familiar with the Alpe Adria area but with an international vocation, something the Udine-based agency has accumulated over the years thanks to important partnerships such as those with The North Face, Adria Mobil, Elan Ski and many other brands.

"Our journey alongside Carinthia has only just begun, but we are already excited about this assignment, which gives us the opportunity to offer our know-how to such an important client. We will work in synergy with Uppercut, the Austrian agency leading the project, and with the partners dealing with communications in Germany and Slovenia, sharing strategies and objectives to be conveyed through seasonal campaigns," says Giacomo Miranda, CEO of PM2.

The result of the first phase in the partnership is an integrated online and offline communication strategy promoting the opportunity to live and work in "a land of happy entrepreneurs" - this is the message chosen for the autumn campaign by PM2, which focuses on the faces and stories of entrepreneurs who have chosen to live and do business in Carinthia. "
"The campaign content will be conveyed through some of the most influential business publications, on the main social platforms, on Google and through participation in live events targeting the business world. The content strategy aims to achieve the twin goals of promoting awareness of Carinthia as a business location and increasing points of contact with the target group. For this reason, PM2 has also redesigned the landing page for the Italian market, the client's first information hub, overseeing all its developments. The main topics include the technology sector, the bio-economy, the tourism industry, research and innovation.

All press office, public relations and media advertising activities are handled directly by PM2 through its specialised division PM2 PR.

Andreas Duller of Regionmarketing Carinthia comments: "We are happy to cooperate with PM2, a partner to whom we chose to entrust promotional activities in the Italian market due to its know-how in the sector. The deciding factors were its international experience and the possibility of providing us with comprehensive support for integrated communications, which will run on traditional and digital channels".


PM2 realises a product placement project for Fjällräven and brings its products into the film with Fabio Volo. 


PM2, once again, demonstrated its skills in offering innovative and engaging marketing solutions by creating a product placement project for Fjällräven, a leading Swedish company in the production of outdoor clothing and a long-standing client of the agency, which brought the brand’s products into an important italian film.

Backpacks, jumpers, jackets and many other products from the arctic fox brand made their way into the sentimental comedy Una gran voglia di vivere, a film by Michela Andreozzi, based on the novel with the same name and produced by Paco Cinematografica in collaboration with Prime Video and RTI, with a nationally renowned cast that includes Fabio Volo and Vittoria Puccini as the main characters.

Frequently worn by the protagonists, Fjällräven products were strategically placed into some movie’s key scenes, a choice made with a dual aim: increasing brand awareness and reaching a wider audience, capitalising on the popularity and reach of this film, distributed on Prime Video.

PM2’s product placement project for Fjällräven in the film Una gran voglia di vivere confirms the strategic importance of this form of advertising, offers a tangible example of how companies can gain significant visibility through creative synergies with the world of cinema and streaming, and proves once again the agency’s ability to best support individual brands with dedicated activities.

Product placement is an highly effective advertising tool, capable of reaching public in a discreet but powerful way. In the case of Fjällräven, we took the opportunity to have the products appear within a setting and context of use fully in line with the positioning of the brand, and to see them worn by the main protagonists of the story,” comments Elena Di Giusto, PR Account Manager at PM2.


Germaine de Capuccini Italia, a leading brand in the professional cosmetics sector, chooses PM2 as its partner for on and offline communication.


Since 2022, the Italian division of Germaine de Capuccini, a leading Spanish company in the production of professional cosmetics, has chosen PM2 as its partner for on and offline communication activities aimed at B2B and B2C targets.

The agency was tasked with identifying effective strategies to increase brand awareness and support the development of the beauty centre network. This multi-pronged work involved all of the agency’s units – Digital, PR and Communication – which carried out dedicated projects according to their objectives.

In particular, PM2’s Digital Unit studied and launched social campaigns with the aim of expanding the network of beauty centres associated with the brand on an Italian basis.
On the one hand, an attempt was made to attract the attention of beauty institutes not yet affiliated with the brand, through the creation of campaigns focusing on the distinctive features of the new machines, indispensable for the success of beauty centres’ activities.
On the other, campaigns were set up with the aim of inviting the end consumer to experience the benefits of the treatments offered by centres associated with the brand.

“We are very satisfied with the results achieved so far and will continue to work with determination to ensure that Germaine de Capuccini confirms its leading role in the skincare sector. Our aim is to convey the excellence and distinctive value of the brand, offering exclusive experiences to different target audiences, while maintaining effective communication that reflects the authenticity and quality of the brand,” says Marco Seriau, Digital Project Manager at PM2.

Beauty salons were also the focus of the work of the agency’s communication unit, which produced communication materials for the trade aimed at both points of sale and social media and designed to present the new Germaine de Capuccini promotions and treatments available in the centres.

The agency also worked on projects aimed at the B2C target. 
In particular, PM2’s PR unit handled digital PR activities and launched an Influencer Marketing campaign on Instagram aimed at the launch of the anti-ageing treatment Timexpert Hydraluronic on the Italian market. The agency’s team identified and selected the most coherent profiles, started a collaboration with them and monitored the content produced step by step, with the aim of generating awareness, supporting sell-in to existing customers and, consequently, sell-out, and increasing traffic to the brand’s points of sale.

In addition, PM2 guided Germaine de Capuccini in identifying events and activities that could increase its notoriety among consumers. Among the proposals, the StraWoman, a stage race in major Italian cities, which promotes women’s health and well-being, was selected. The brand was sponsor of the Milan stage and chose to entrust the agency with the realisation of stands, flyers and social media posts to promote the event.

“Entering a fast-growing sector such as cosmetics is certainly stimulating and exciting. Doing it alongside a leading brand like Germaine de Capuccini is a unique experience, which we at PM2 are proud to experience project after project, putting our skills to the test.” Marta Clocchiatti, Account at Germaine de Capuccini.


Snaidero has chosen PM2 to manage B2B and B2C communication for the last Design Week.


Snaidero, an historical italian design company specialized on the production of high-quality kitchen, has chosen PM2 to manage communication for the 2023 edition of the Design Week. The agency was asked to devise strategy and create communication tools for the B2B and B2C markets. Twofold objective: communicate the company’s dynamism and present its new design opportunities for customizing their kitchens, with a specific focus on new materials and finishes.

The project has involved all the agency units (communication, Pr and digital), which worked together and synergistically to define strategy, creative concept and functional activities to achieve the result. As far as product innovations are concerned, the first step was to design a digital Sales Tool exclusively aimed at Snaidero dealer, which was presented at the sales meeting that preceded the Design Week. An innovative tool, updatable and tailored to the needs of the sales force, which introduces the design innovations and helps the professional in his work through a map of materials and an explanatory video also created by PM2.

In order to communicate the company’s research work on materials and finishes to the B2C target audience, PM2 developed the creative concept “Material Revolution”. This idea guided all the activities and activations during the week of the Salone del Mobile and saw its highlight during the 20 April show at the Snaidero showroom in Brera. After a selection phase, PM2 involved the artists Verde Alfieri (jewel designer) and Filippo Bello (3D artist) in the creation of analogue and digital artworks, inspired by the new Snaidero materials. The result was a collection of 5 handcrafted necklaces and 5 digital 3D works, respectively created using the new 2023 Snaidero materials range. The artworks were displayed directly on the showroom’s Snaidero kitchens and showed to the public throughout Design Week. Furthermore, the necklaces, worn by five models, were the protagonists of the defilé organised by PM2 on the evening of 20 April, a unique moment that saw the worlds of design, fashion and jewellery communicating together, attracting the attention of the more than one hundred guests invited to the event and numerous passers-by.

PM2 applied the concept to better communicate to the media as well – with press office and PR activities – on Snaidero’s social channels – producing ad-hoc content and strategically supporting the company – and to the trade target with additional dedicated materials.

Concurrently, PM2 also worked on the concept of the “Everyday meraviglia” advertising campaign, which was planned in the main Italian design & architecture magazines and in the main Italian daily newspapers, and the video spot, which was aired on the screens of the Milan Metro stations during the Salone week.

“We know we can give our best when we work and propose integrated communication strategies. The project we carried out for Snaidero is an example: it allowed us to work by pooling all the skills of the agency, achieving a quality output that brought concrete results to the client and that makes us very proud indeed,” says Giacomo Miranda, CEO of PM2.

“Working alongside Snaidero during Design Week was exciting and stimulating. Thanks to collaboration and teamwork, we were able to realise an original and creative project, which allowed the entire PM2 team to express their skills and meet the customer’s expectations.” Alessia Toppan, Pr Manager at PM2.



PM2 organizes the “It takes two” tournament and raises funds for Burlo Garofolo’s children.


The hottest sport of the moment is transformed into an opportunity to do good. Thus was born the idea of “It takes two to play”, the charity padel tournament organized on Friday, April 14th, in Feletto Umberto (UD) by PM2.

40 male and female players participated in the tournament, divided into 20 mixed pairs. At stake, much more than a podium or participation prize, because the tournament was created to support a special project. In fact, each participant’s entry fee will be donated to the Burlo Garofolo Children’s Hospital in Trieste, to improve the intensive care unit’s spaces and upgrade some of the machinery’s software to make it less invasive for children (for more information:

“Making the difference, together. It takes two to achieve the best things is PM2’s most intimate credo and this evening was proof of that. Certainly because padel is played in two, but above all because sports and solidarity share many values, and again tonight they confirmed that they form a winning pair”, comments Giacomo Miranda, CEO of PM2 and organizer of the tournament. “I sincerely want to thank all the participants for experiencing this special event with great enthusiasm and involvement. With the promise that it will not remain the only one.”

For more information and to access the event gallery:


PM2 supports AKU in the launch of a limited edition created in collaboration with Vibram.


CONERO GTX, AKU’s iconic trekking shoe has turned thirty. The brand has decided to celebrate this special occasion by creating an exclusive and limited edition that revisits the historical model in a modern fashion with 3 new color variants: brown, yellow and blue. It was especially the full yellow model that allowed to develop a co-marketing initiative which enhances the historic collaboration between AKU and Vibram, the technical and styling partner of the brand. An unprecedented opportunity, considering that the well-known brand has never granted the use of its yellow pantone up to now.

PM2 has been entrusted with the task of supporting the launch of this new collection, which allowed AKU to position itself in selected stores in prestigious locations in Italy and abroad. The main objective of the operation, from a communication point of view, was to strike the interest of the traditional public, attentive to quality and durability, and to stimulate the curiosity of a young and style-conscious target audience.

“A UNIQUE AND UNREPEATABLE EXPERIENCE” is the concept of the new collection communication. CONERO 30 GTX, in fact, arises from the experience of those who have always designed and produced quality footwear, and allows the consumer to live an experience: unique, because the product has always been the same for 30 years, and unrepeatable, as it is a limited edition that will not be reproduced after the campaign ends.

 All the communication tools have been designed with the aim of underlining the exclusivity of a limited edition: a special packaging to present the 3 models of the Conero30 mini-series, a targeted B2B communication aimed at the best specialized outdoor retailers in Italy and in Europe with an advertising campaign published on the main sector magazines, dedicated window displays, original photo and video content to be streamed on social media. Finally, a special initiative was organized in partnership with VIBRAM for the effective launch of the product on the market: a glamorous event at the Vibram Connection Lab, the multimedia meeting space in the heart of Milan. In this exclusive location, a select audience of journalists, opinion leaders, shop owners and outdoor enthusiasts had the chance to meet the players of this great little success story that is having a positive impact on Italian and foreign customers.

“Conero30 turned out to be a truly unique and compelling project. Working on the logic of limited edition marketing has allowed us to move away from the conventional, engaging a new fun cluster that does not align with AKU’s core target. In this, the co-marketing strategy with Vibram has proved to be successful, adding another important milestone to the exciting journey we have been taking for years with AKU,” as Sara Nadalutti, project manager and AKU account explains.